Logistico Automates eCommerce
Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Logistico connects your shopping carts and marketplaces to easy-to-use order fulfillment and inventory management software.

  • Sync your inventory information across all channels

  • Consolidate orders from marketplaces and online stores

  • Automatically route online orders to your fulfillment center

  • Compile and analyze all of your multi-channel data in one place

  • Track shipping in real-time from major shipping providers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS

Seamlessly Integrates With

ECommerce Fulfillment Marketplace

ECommerce Fulfillment Marketplace

Logistico has a trusted network of fulfillment partners that you can outsource your inventory management and eCommerce order fulfillment to. We will personally introduce you to the right partner that will fit your needs.

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