Our story

It was 2015. For more than a decade, Magaya Software had been running world-class warehouses, fulfillment centers, shipping companies. As e-commerce kept rising, so did the demand for its fulfillment to become more automated. There were tools for the online retail part: channel and order management, shipping label tools, shopping carts, online store builders, marketplaces - you name it. On the other hand there were fulfillment centers operating on sophisticated Warehouse Management Systems. The problem was that when an online retailer wanted to get into outsourcing their fulfillment, the two kinds of systems wouldn’t talk to each other, which is mostly still true today. Think about how many orders get to warehouses by email. And automation is hard. With most of our competitors it still takes a custom integration project to send your orders to the warehouse by some kind of EDI, and shipping info back up to the online store.

That is why Logistico was born to fill a gap between the e-commerce and logistics industries. Let’s face it - channel management is now a basic commodity that you shouldn’t really be paying for. The real value for online retailers is in automated fulfillment. Logistico set out to be scalable out of the box. It grows with you. Should you need fulfillment, we have a warehouse management back-end that needs no integration project - it’s already part of the platform, and used in hundreds of fulfillment centers out there. You can be up and running with automated fulfillment tomorrow. And until you don’t need the automation - let’s say you’re a startup or a smaller operation who can handle their own shipping - Logistico is free for you. Multi-channel order management, simple inventory control, ability to connect your shipping accounts and create labels - those are the basics that we believe no one should be charging you for. Take Logistico for free, run with it, be successful. When you need more value-added services, we have them ready for you.

Jesus David Rodriguez

Co-founder - Magaya Software, Logistico