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Come get your sweet, short, how to rule the e-commerce world knowledge here. Logistics wisdom abound! We’ve got you covered on the know-how of the big guys; Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, WooCommerce, Ebay,etc . We also have tips and tricks, best practices and what to avoid…plus some other stuff. If you don’t see your sales channels or need a question answered, drop us a line on the bottom right chat icon. If you don’t feel like reading at the moment you can also enter your email below for some weekly tips and updates, no spam we promise.

20 Tools to help Start up your eCommerce

logistico team | August 9, 2018

Starting your own business online can be overwhelming especially with so many competitors. The eCommerce market is buzzing, stores are now either becoming fully online or are not fully depending on brick and mortar stores to make their sales. No worries! Logistico is here to help and make your life a little bit easier in this data driven market, we went out and hunted for some tools that could really help you when starting out.


logistico team | August 1, 2018

*Footnote: Original content can be found in Shopify Dropshipping article.

Us Vs Them: The Real Value In Logistico

logistico team | July 30, 2018

Let’s start by where Logistico is NOT special. Our competitors (and us) all offer multi-channel orders, shipping labels, and inventory management. While we believe that we provide a better user experience, the truth is, the underlying functionality is similar. We could charge you $9 per month like some others do, but we’d be missing the point. Some of them have more channels than us and might say that makes them better, but if you sell in the most popular channels, we’ve got you covered, so that’s not the point either.

Connect Logistico to Your Online Store

logistico team | July 27, 2018

At Logistico, we want to simplify and make Logistics easy for you to have more time to do the things that matter. Before focusing on your brand or going on vacation, we first have to connect your online store to Logistico. Connect to your Online Stores Connecting to an online store is easy as pie. Once logged into Logistico, click on “Stores” on the left-hand menu. Click the “Add Store” button.

Integrate Multiple Sales Channels Into Your Store

logistico team | July 21, 2018

Doesn’t sound #fulchillment at all does it to have multiple channels, well then let’s get cracking on some serious money-making facts. The 2018 consumer wants ease of access and instant gratification; you want to sell where they are and never hold back from having a bigger reach, better visibility and more customers. Since managing and paying for multiple stores might seem daunting, you want to make sure you’re choosing the channels that are right for you.