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Integrate Multiple Sales Channels Into Your Store

logistico team | January 1, 0001

Doesn’t sound #fulchillment at all does it to have multiple channels, well then let’s get cracking on some serious money-making facts.

The 2018 consumer wants ease of access and instant gratification; you want to sell where they are and never hold back from having a bigger reach, better visibility and more customers.

Since managing and paying for multiple stores might seem daunting, you want to make sure you’re choosing the channels that are right for you. Let’s look at some:

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Shopify has brand recognition and several features that allow online stores to be up to date with all the owner’s needs. Some of these major features include storefronts, shopping carts, and store management.

Shopify introduced storefronts that allow companies to interact with their customers through Instagram posts. This allows customers to discover new products that the company has to offer while finding out the prices when clicking on the picture. You get exposure to over 500 million users.

You also get access to over 100 external payment getaways including Paypal and iDeal, with features like sending emails to a customer who abandoned a shopping cart, and another feature that automatically sets up the taxes based on your location to the customer’s checkout.

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Etsy is another channel that is slowly becoming a household name through the expansion into millions of communities in a short amount of time. Many people wanting to startup use Etsy because it is free to use and only takes a small percentage from the price of the item you sold. This allows for entrepreneurs to try opening a new business without risking it all and potentially losing their initial capital. It is also efficient for sellers who don’t have enough time to be on top of their businesses, running it as much or as little as they want during the week.

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BigCommerce just started working alongside the Facebook Marketplace to allow customers to check out immediately through the Facebook page (if you are a U.S.-based merchant). This system works by showing customers products related to their existing user data, allowing for them to be discovered by relevant interests. This places your business and products in a platform used daily by Facebook users.

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WooCommerce is flexible, free, well supported, and can be easily integrated within different software systems. It can be set up for physical goods or services such as consultations. It allows you to set up different types of payments as well as sending invoices to your customers for their orders. WooCommerce is also great for developers because it provides a variety of extensions, a customizable store to catch customer’s attention, and options to optimize your store to sell more through coupons and related products.

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Magento now allows you to transform your profiles into storefronts. This allows for the product listings to be in sync with the Magento product catalog, saving you time for other things. It also allows your customers to share their recommended products to their friends, resulting in increased products sold overall.

Logistico makes the complete process easy in one platform, including orders, shipments, products and inventory. Orders are immediately synced from your stores and marketplaces while your inventory is constantly updated as items are shipped out. Shipments are processed with minimal work to be done to the order by you, and the shipping labels are printed out. With all your products listed and your stores synced to your Logistico portal, the portal does all the work for you.

Welcome to the #fulchillment lifestyle. Hit that chat button if you need help.