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Building your first website: Starting with Squarespace

logistico team | February 19, 2019

Getting started with your first website can be intimidating, add an online store and the whole thing can become overwhelming for some. Starring your online business with Squarespace takes off some of that edge. They have great, easy to use templates that are going to take your business to the next level.

Before you start designing your website, no matter what tool you end up choosing, think what kind of website you want to have. If you already have an online store on another platform, think about how these what type of content is it going to have and how it will be organized. If you have never built a website before start by looking at business sites you frequent a lot, social media sites do not count. Take a look at their menu bar, how do they organize their content, how often do they update it, etc.


With great templates to start off, drag & drop features that make the entire process incredibly easy for those that have 0 web design skills.

Affordable plans

Starting at $8 a month, $24 for the business plan which is e-commerce ready, Squarespace pricing has a tier for everyone. If you haven’t quite figured out yet what you want to do, a good place to start is their 14-day-trial, from there you can move on to the $8

Flawless Design

One of the best features of Squarespace is their beautiful templates, no matter which you end up choosing or however you customize it, you are guaranteed a great looking website. Squarespace’s templates all have a responsive design, which means the content will automatically resize depending on the viewer’s browser. You will also have a mobile-ready website out of the box, at no additional cost!

A Great E-commerce Store

Squarespace’s easy to use and customizable templates translate over to their e-commerce experience. With the Squarespace Online Store, you can build up your product catalog with little to no limits. Drag-and-drop your products to organize them however you want, create rich product experiences and engage your customers. You also will be able to offer subscription services with your Squarespace Business Plan, plus an abandoned cart feature


Once you have your store up and running you want to make sure you are not also missing And next up will be connecting it to your Logistico so that you can manage all your orders in one place.

Read some great tips on using Squarespace straight from their blog here.