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Us Vs Them: The Real Value In Logistico

Kris Lillemets | July 30, 2018

Let’s start by where Logistico is NOT special. Our competitors (and us) all offer multi-channel orders, shipping labels, and inventory management. While we believe that we provide a better user experience, the truth is, the underlying functionality is similar.

We could charge you $9 per month like some others do, but we’d be missing the point. Some of them have more channels than us and might say that makes them better, but if you sell in the most popular channels, we’ve got you covered, so that’s not the point either.

Consider this point: Logistico updates the inventory levels in all your online stores, which is not true about our main competitor.

Guess what? That’s still not the point. Even ShipStation will probably get there one day. Basically, (and I’m sure the marketing departments of our competitors would love to disagree) we’re all pretty much the same; we all offer the same essentials and then some value-added functionality.

The question is - Where does the value lie for you? And, exactly what should you really be paying for.

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We believe the real value in eCommerce is in scaling. When you’re just starting up, you may not even have a warehouse. Or if you do, you may run it with Microsoft® Excel, and that is perfectly fine. All you need is a simple tool to print labels, manage and ship your orders.

Then, as you do better and need software to run your warehouse, or if you go the 3PL route and outsource storage and order fulfillment, suddenly scaling matters. When you have many orders, sending them to the warehouse by email will defeat the purpose. The time you freed up from managing your inventory and handling all the shipping will now need to be spent calling or emailing the warehouse to figure out if they already shipped the order, what the tracking number is, what the inventory levels are. That means you’re still swamped with all the little details of logistics instead of sales, marketing, and innovation to grow your business. At Logistico, our goal is to eliminate logistics and customer service from your daily to-do list, so you can focus on the truly important things.

This brings us to the real value of Logistico in the long run. Automated fulfillment when you need it and something scalable that runs by itself whether you have 5 or 500 orders per day. That’s where Logistico is the real MVP: It’s connected to fulfillment centers across the United States, out of the box. We can even make the introduction to the fulfillment center so you can begin exploring and defining partnership details that work for both of you such as order volume, the nature of your product, and other factors.

After your new fulfillment center partner receives your items, there are a few crucial things that Logistico will start doing automatically: the orders will be sent down to the warehouse, and inventory updates, shipment confirmations, tracking numbers up to the online stores.

Yes, our competitors will say they can do the same. However, most of the time it literally means can be done, which for you means a separate integration project between them and the software in the warehouse. That takes time and money, not to mention placing the responsibility and cost to maintain the integration on you.

In the case of Logistico, the integration is done, built-in and ready to kick into gear for you. Connecting to one of the dozens of available 3PL partners is a matter of flipping a switch.

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We didn’t forget that some of you may prefer not outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment to 3rd party logistics providers because you have the space and staff to manage it all yourself. We still have a perfect solution for you. Just get the industry-leading warehouse management (WMS) and commerce software that complements Logistico, and you have one platform to control your entire supply chain. It even has built-in accounting! That end-to-end eCommerce solution is called Magaya Software – check it out!

To sum up, when it comes to the entry-level functionality, we know Logistico is pretty similar to competitors - we all do multi-channel orders, shipping labels, and basic inventory management. However, we believe no one should be charging you for this. Logistico wants to see your business grow so that one day, when you need automated fulfillment, we’ll be there for you because that’s where the real value and revenue should be for both of us. If and when that happens, we have the solution already built, familiar, easy to use, and ready to grow with your company.

Until then, take Logistico and run with it, for free.

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