Logistico is connected to the leading sales channels and shipping providers in the industry. We’re building new connections every month, so if your preferred online store or marketplace is not here, drop us a note and we’ll add it to our list. If you don’t have a shipping account or online store yet, we’ll help you set one up.

What makes Logistico truly scalable for your business is the ability to automate the fulfillment of your orders through a built-in connection to 3rd party fulfillment centers. See the Services page or contact us for more info on these value-added connections.

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Sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting and more. eBay is the best way to expand your customer base to brand new markets.


If you buy online then you know Amazon. If you sell online you might also want to be on Amazon, the online superstore. Reach millions of customers by selling through Amazon. Logistico makes it easy to complement your existing online offerings with an Amazon presence.


As one of the most comprehensive store building tools, BigCommerce delivers an impressive set of e-commerce features out of the box. It also offers different cross-channel sales options like Amazon and eBay, as well social channel integrations, such as Facebook and Instagram. For the more advanced customer, BigCommerce has a large app store to cover those specific integration needs.


Shopify is one of the easiest platforms out there to build and design your online store. There are many themes and design templates available to achieve that professional look right out of the gate. There’s a burgeoning app store for different integrations or enhancements. If you also sell brick-and-mortar, Shopify has a POS app (you guessed it - also connected to logistico).


Magento offers flexible eCommerce solutions, a vibrant extensions marketplace and an open ecosystem. Logistico quickly integrates with either Magento or Magento 2.


WooCommerce is a popular online store builder powered by WordPress. Among other great things - it’s free! (You only pay for hosting). WooCommerce is extremely customizable as it is essentially a WordPress plug-in. It has a user-friendly CMS as well as a marketplace for integrating with pretty much anything.


Etsy is the global marketplace for unique creative goods, handicraft, and vintage items.


As a website builder originally catering to creatives and beautiful content, Squarespace boasts some of the cleanest, most professional-looking templates out there. Having added a simple but functional Commerce feature set, it now offers a competitive online store with sleek design and intuitive CMS.


We believe you have used them before. UPS is the largest courier service provider in the world with a vast parcel delivery network and an industry-topping on-time delivery track record. As with FedEx, if you already have contract rates, Logistico will utilize those instead of the list price.


The most affordable option for small packages 2 lbs and under, hands down. With Logistico, you will automatically qualify for the USPS Commercial Rates for even more savings.


The courier service that became a verb for overnight shipping. While FedEx and UPS go head-to-head as far as shipping rates and delivery speeds go, FedEx has a slightly longer list of services, such as flat rate, and SmartPost (partnership with USPS for the last mile).


The Houzz platform and mobile apps bring together homeowners and professionals offering goods and services. Houzz is an online marketplace and community for home improvement, interior design and decorating, house remodeling, landscape design, architecture.


The second-largest discount store retailer in the U.S. hardly needs any introduction. Are you a vendor on Target’s Partners Online program? Unlike some of our competitors, Logistico will connect you without having to talk to integration partners separately.


Wayfair boasts one of the world’s largest selections of furniture, home goods and decor. With more than 10 million products it is the largest online-only home furnishings retailer in the U.S.


Bonanza is a rapidly growing online marketplace for just about anything. As an alternative to eBay it offers free listings, lower seller fees, and easy import of items from your other online channels such as Shopify or WooCommerce.


The world’s largest company by revenue should definitely have the funds to push towards e-commerce, which is what the emperor of brick-and-mortar has been doing. is great for its huge customer reach and growth potential.

Jet (coming soon) is a Walmart-owned platform offering creative ways to save for the shopper and no sign-up, listing, nor monthly fees for the seller. It’s the marketplace most often compared to Amazon and it has been undergoing explosive growth in the recent years, such as claiming 400,000 new shoppers monthly.