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We speak logistics so you don’t have to

Logistico Fulfillment Services (LFS) help you grow your business by giving you access to our vast network of warehouses and distribution services worldwide, ready to handle your eCommerce operations.

Your business is ready for scaling and growth. Let us take you there.

What we will do for you

  • No growing pains! The LFS team will work with you on how to optimize your business within the platform that you are already using.
  • We will manage your fulfillment needs anywhere in the world, allowing you to dedicate yourself to growing your business while we handle order processing, pick, pack, and ship operations.
  • LFS delivers standardized, competitive pricing across its entire network of certified Fulfillment centers, with discounts of up to 50% compared to Amazon FBA, so you can scale your operation and boost your profits without limit.

LFS offers

A Warehouse Anywhere

The LFS team will work with you to determine what and where is the most cost efficient location to keep your products. LFS Warehouses are certified and secure, your product will be stored with care and always ready to be shipped out. Our warehouses are an extension of your business, we will take care of your product as if it were our product.

Your Product Ready to Ship

LFS can assist you in getting your product eCommerce ready by receiving it from your vendors and preparing it for shipping to consumer. We can help you ensure proper individual packing to better ship your product.

Complete Visibility

Have full real-time visibility of your inventory and order processing as well as provide you with pertinent data that can help you plan your marketing strategy. Logistico can provide you with all the analytics necessary to improve your sales and marketing.

No Seasonal Price Changes

Guaranteed lower prices than Amazon FBA or Amazon MFC. Forget about having to maintain “prime status”. Your products always receive prime treatment with LFS.

Certification Process

Warehouses and distribution centers across the globe are fully certified to use the Logistico software and processes. We provide you 247 real-time visibility of your inventory, wherever it is in the world, offering a consistent and guaranteed level of service to you and your customers.

Ready to Scale

Grow your business and improve your brand so that you can increase your footprint in the market. All our customers receive the same great service that will allow them to grow their brand in the global eCommerce arena.

Pick, Pack & Ship

We will handle all your fulfillment and do it right from the start, so you can focus on growing your business and developing your products, rather than (instead of drowning in the) logistics of eCommerce.

Straight from the Manufacturer

We can help you make your product eCommerce ready, manage your inventory levels and lower your landed and operational costs. LFS can (will) manage your fulfillment inventory directly from our DC locations and do it at a significantly lower cost than any FBA center.

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